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Mitibase helps B2B sales teams build high-converting and
qualified pipeline rapidly.

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Your always-on pipeline engine


Build the hyper-focused lists

  • Build your hyper-focused lists of prospects with our advanced filters like using location, industry, revenue, employee count or auto-generate the list based on your ideal customer profile.
  • Target your ideal companies based on the tech they have—or are missing—in their stacks.
  • In one click, export lists to your CRM and put your workflows on autopilot.
  • Refresh your CRM data every month – flagging old contacts, updating existing ones, creating new ones.


Grow your pipeline by following your customers, and warm prospects to their new companies.

  • Previous customers are 3X more likely to buy again.
  • Know when your key contacts change roles, leave the company, or join a new one.
  • Notify your salespeople of job changes via alerts to quickly salvage an open deal, congratulate your buyer on their promotion, or pursue a new sales opportunity where your buyer moved.
  • Automate personalized email outreach with your existing tools (Salesloft, Outreach, Hubspot, etc.) and advertising campaigns.


Discover the accounts and buyers signaling their interest and buying intent

  • Uncover hidden demand and identify accounts that are ready to buy.
  • See specific LinkedIn activities of buyers related to your interest areas to get their intent.
  • Track relevant news and scoops which indicates readiness to buy.
  • Use this intent data to create hyper-personalized campaigns, optimize existing activities, and improve engagement.


Capture missed leads and opportunity contacts locked away in emails

  • Capture and enrich contacts from email inboxes and calendars of key people in your company to your CRM. This will create your company’s collective network.
  • Quickly reveal who knows who, and how well to uncover a warm path of introduction that can help close a deal 25% faster.
  • Invite your colleagues, trusted partners and alliances to share their network and uncover new relationships and warm introductions
  • Retroactively capture contacts from email threads and meetings that have already happened. Say hello to the CRM hygiene that your RevOps always dreams of!

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